Based in Seattle, Number 10 Web Company specializes in developing Drupal websites with a focus on mobile and commerce implementations.

Craftsman /ˈkrɑːf(t)smən/- "one who creates or performs with skill or dexterity".

We choose this word carefully in thinking about our approach to Drupal development. The principals of Number 10 were trained, long ago, in crafts that involved manual work in the real world. Jared is a trained chef and restauranteur, and Josh is a jeweler and metalsmith. While neither of these trades may provide any direct input to our daily work (well, other than excellent lunches) we bring our sense of craft and desire for perfection to everything we do.

Jared Stoneberg

Jared took a road less traveled to the web development industry. At the age of 15 Jared began working in a restaurant kitchen as a cook. After seventeen years in the restaurant industry that included attending culinary school, working in restaurants across the US and teaching as a Chef Instructor in a culinary school Jared decided to take a break from the restaurant world and started building websites. Shortly after making this change Jared discovered Drupal and has been focused on using Drupal since. One of the best things about Drupal is the community, and the Drupal Community in Seattle is the Best! Jared works and lives on Capitol Hill in Seattle.


Josh Kopel

Josh earned a BFA and MFA before abandoning his dreams of life as a blacksmith and persuing the almighty pixel. He has been building web sites since 1996, and used most of the available technologies before standardizing on PHP. Along the way he created half a dozen custom CMS before realizing the futility of this approach and embracing the juggernaut that is Drupal. Josh started with Drupal 4.7 and never looked back. Now he is endlessly enamored with Drupal 7, and will be at least until Drupal 8 is available.